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Team Manager Information



Thank you for being a Team Manager.  You occupy an important position for your team and coach.  Team Managers are responsible for communicating essential information to team families and performing a variety of administrative tasks. We hope this page is helpful in answering questions you may have. 


If you have technical questions or need computer assistance, please contact the Webmaster.



Communication with your Coach: As a new team manager, the first thing you’ll need to do is touch base with your coach and exchange contact and best place to reach information.   Confirm practice location and times.

Website Password:  Once you have formally volunteered for the program, contact the Division Director, to get your status within the simslax.org website updated.  Just email him/her ccing your coach and ask that your status be updated to “team manager”.  Once this is done, your usual email and corresponding password should now give you “manager” access to the simslax.org website.

Team Binder: Create a team binder.  Include the Manager’s manual, team list and team contacts (available through the simslax.org website). 

Player Forms: Plan arrangements to obtain the completed player forms (code of conduct, consent to treat, concussion forms).  If the forms were not collected at tryouts, this can be done at a form collection/uniform distribution meeting or done at the first practice.  The important thing is that the forms must all be obtained prior to a player taking the field.  Make sure all of the information is complete and all signatures present.  If anything missing, please follow-up with the players and their families.  These three forms will need to go into a Ziploc bag (to protect it from the elements as the coach’s bag is not waterproof) and be kept in the coach’s bag as it needs to be accessible to the coaches at all times while on the field. 


Use the link to the Team Managers Manual for instructions on using the manager features of the website.

Team Schedule:  Print the team schedule from the website so you have a working copy and review it for any omissions or TBD information.  Fill in any gaps as necessary.  If you have a location that is due to change, just write it as “TBD” on the website.  Do not put in a temporary location because if you forget to update it later, or if you have someone who printed an original version of the schedule, they might forget to change it later with any updates and you will have players ending up at the wrong site.   Also add team practices to this schedule if they haven’t already been added.  When entering a team practice be sure to select a specific field; this will help will the master scheduling of all teams.  For example, select HJMS Field #3 instead of just HJMS.  Anything you do as a team should be listed and updated on your schedule…it alleviates conflicts for all. 

·        When making home game changes to the schedule on the website, make sure to check the box on the bottom “notify officials”.  This lets the officials know a change has occurred.  It is recommended that you don’t click “notify team members” at this time, as changes in the system that are generated by an automatic email can get confusing to families.  Be sure to follow-up with a personal email from you, or make sure to include this change in your weekly emails to your team. 

·        Away Directions: Team Managers should ensure that away directions are available on the SYL website.  To check this, bring up the team schedule page, click on the away location and see if the directions are attached.  If directions are not available, you can make updates yourself or contact the webmaster for assistance.

·        Adding an Event: Be sure to select a specific field for any home event, example, HJMS Field #3, instead of just “Simsbury”

·        Any changes to your game schedule must also be updated on the league parent site for your team (CONNY or CVYL).  Changes can be made using the same format as the SYL website.  You can contact the SYL CONNY or CVYL representative for a password. 

Introductory Email:  Collaborate with the head coach as they will want to send out an introductory email to the team.  You can then send out your own introductory email.  In your introductory email you will want to:

·        Direct parents to check their information on the simslax.org website and update/add any changes; they can optionally elect to receive text messages regarding game/practice updates to the team schedule. 

·        Direct parents to download the Consent to Treat, Code of Conduct and Concussion forms that will need to be completed and brought to the first practice or other first gathering such as a “jersey and form collection day”  (if they haven’t already been collected at tryouts).   The forms are available by clicking the “Documents” tab on the main page of the SYL website.  Parents need to submit a “hard” copy of these forms.  These original forms will be placed in a plastic baggie and will remain in the coach’s equipment bag where it will be brought to all events and be on the field to be available for emergency access at all times.

·        Players should be directed to bring a water bottle, protective equipment and mouthguard to all practices and games. 

·        Families should be directed to inform the coaches and/or the Team Manager (however you choose to handle the rsvp’s) of all absences for any practices or games.   Parents can reply to the automatic emails generated from the Simslax.org website, if they’ve elected this as an option.  Parents would select “green” if their player can attend and “red” if their player cannot attend a particular event.

·        Inform your families of the practice schedule.

·        Inform your families that you will update the schedule throughout the season and at any time if there is a question, the team schedule at SYL website will be the final word for all scheduled events.  Suggest that parents check the SYL website schedule frequently.   Parents can download their child’s schedules to their phones or computers which will allow them to have the updates reflected in their calendars.

·         In the event of field closure (to be decided by the field coordinator), a scrolling message will be posted on the SYL website. This is usually a “day of” decision and is frequently caused by bad weather.

Coach’s Bag:

Contact the SYL Equipment Manager, contact information is available at the SYL website, and coordinate a time and place to obtain the coach’s equipment bag.    Your coach may already have done this, so check with them first.


Roster of Players/Cheer Cards:

·        Once teams have been assigned, the Division Directors should be dividing players into teams on the simslax.org website.  If any changes still need to be made, you can change a player’s team status, or any other information at the simslax.org website.

·        Obtain your players jersey numbers (coaches may have them, or you can check uniforms prior to handing them out) and enter them on the website.  If this information is not available to you, you can email your team and ask them to reply with their jersey number.  At that same time, you may also want to ask for parents’ names so that you can include that information on the cheer cards.  Cheer cards are forms that you hand out at the game indicating a player’s name and number; it makes it easier to communicate socially if parent’s information is included there too.  It is recommended that if you want to laminate your cheer cards that you make a paper version first, distribute it and ask your team for feedback re: errors.  Then you can move on to a final master copy. 


Through the Season


Use the link to the Team Managers Manual for instructions on using the manager features of the website.

Weekly Emails:

·        You will want to email your teams at the beginning of the week with the week’s schedule.  Include:  games, practices, tournaments, and refreshment schedule (if applicable), etc.  You can highlight any changes that have been made and inform your team that the team schedule at SYL website has been updated accordingly.   The SYL website is the final word for all scheduled events.  The Team Manager is the point of contact for information on all team events (tournaments, end-of-year parties, etc.).

·        Direct your families to check their emails prior to leaving for any practices, games, etc., (if they have opted to receive emails in the SYL database), as weather-related event changes can occur last-minute.

Confirming Games:

·        Games need to be confirmed with the opposing team in advance.  It is recommended that at least one week prior to a given event, contact the opposing team Coach or Manager to get an “OK, Game on!” confirmation.  Contact is best made via email, as you will then have documentation of the confirmation.   An option is to confirm all of your games at the beginning of the season just to make sure that your schedule is all set.  You can then send a follow-up email confirmation one week prior to the event as an additional confirmation, closer to the date. 

·        Other team’s information: Obtain a list of the other teams to be played from the Division Director as they should have this information from attending the scheduling meeting.   If you or your coach don’t have a contact to reach out to for a given event, you can do some research to obtain this.  For example, if you know the town and team color, you can look up on their town website for the contact information.  You could also try the CONNY or CVYL website for team contact information.  If still unsuccessful, you can contact the SYL Division Director of your program level and see if they have this information. 

·        When contacting the opposing team.  Confirm the date, time, location, team color (to avoid conflicts) and make sure to exchange cell numbers or other emergency contact information as weather could be a last minute issue for a scheduled event.  Please confirm with the opposing team that any weather cancellations should be made at least one hour prior to game time (home team makes the final decision).  You may want to discuss “calling” a game earlier than the one hour standard especially if longer travel time is involved.

·        Once confirmation with the other team is received, please go on the SYL website and update your game as “confirmed”.  To do this you go on your team schedule.  Click on the event to edit it, and select “confirmed”, submit, and make sure “notify officials” is checked.  You don’t need to select “notify players and families” when a game is confirmed, because it’s just excess email clutter for them.  While in the system making your edits to the game, you will see the assigned referees (for home games) towards the bottom of the screen.  Take down their contact names and numbers and be sure to have them with you at the given event.  Sometimes refs show up late or get confused about with game they are scheduled to attend.  Referee contact information will help avoid confusion.



Canceling Games or Events:

·        Home games should be canceled no later than one hour prior to the event, and possibly earlier, as a courtesy to the other team, if travel time is involved.

·        All cancellations must be made on the SYL website.  To do this, bring up your team schedule, click on the “edit” icon and select “cancel”.  Be sure that the “notify officials” and “notify players” boxes are selected at the bottom of the screen so that the cancellation is broadcast to all parties.  If officials aren’t notified of cancellations and they show up to the event, SYL will end up having to pay them which would be an unfortunate and unnecessary expense.

Ref Payments:

·        A new procedure for 2015 is that refs will be given cash on the field for home games.

·        Coaches will be given a check made out to them from SYL.  Team Managers and Coaches should discuss how they wish to handle the funds.  While the Team Manager can assist with the funds, the Coach is ultimately responsible for them.

·        When the check is cashed,  make sure to get the funds in increments of 20’s and 5’s, as payments are either in $25, $45, or $65 amounts.

·        Fill out a Referee Payment Verification Form in advance and bring it with you to the field.  The Referee information specific to your game can be obtained from the SYL website. 

·        You need a Pro Ref list from the Ref Coordinator as this will help determine how to pay a particular Ref.  A Pro Ref is given $65 per game while all others are given $45 (amounts current as of 4/2015).

·        If two refs are scheduled for a home game but only one ref shows up then that sole ref will be given an additional half pay for this game, Pro=$35, All others =$25 (amounts current as of 4/2015).

·        Bring a pen with you to the field and have the money in open envelopes so you can count the money together (you and the ref), to avoid discrepancies.

·        Collect the Ref Payment Verification Forms and add the information to the tally sheet throughout the season.  At the end of the season submit the completed tally form, ref payment verification forms and remaining funds to the Treasurer.

Home Game Responsibilities:

·        Ref Payments forms and cash in unsealed envelopes should be brought to the field and given to refs at the start of the game

·        Bring the referee contact information with you to the game and of course, your cell phone just in case you need to call any of your scheduled refs.  You will also want to have a master list of referees to be kept in the coaches bag at all times; the list can be obtained from the ref coordinator.

·        At all home games, one parent/volunteer (yes, it can be the Team Manager laugh) will be responsible for running the game clock and keeping score (a clipboard with a string attached pen is highly recommended) . It will be your responsibility to insure that someone is available to fulfill this function. This person will be functioning as a game official and as such should refrain from loud cheering etc.   You can assign parents (non-coaches) to these tasks and ask that they find other parents who will sub and/or switch with them if their assigned days don’t work for them.

·        Score sheets are available for downloading on the Documents tab for Boys and Girls games and include instructions.

·        Timers/Stopwatches will be provided in the Coaches bag.

·         After the game make sure you update the results on our site and the parent site for your team (CONNY or CVYL) if appropriate.

Team Photos:

·        At some point, a schedule for team photos will be distributed to Team Managers.  You will want to add this event to your team schedule and send out an email to your team.  You will want to include this in your weekly reminder as well.  

·        All players should be in team uniform for their photos.


·        Optionally-(Dev/Bantams) Set up an Orange/Gatorade schedule for game days.  Kids love a treat in the middle or end of a game.  You can have one family bring both or split it up for two different parents. (ex:  1 bring oranges, 1 bring Gatorade)  This can be posted on your team page.  You’ll want to include this information in your weekly reminder emails.

·        Optionally- all teams may want to coordinate refreshments with their teams for tournaments.  Other items that you may want to assign parents to bring include: folding table, sports canopy, paper and plastic supplies.

·        Also bring a trashbag.



At the end of the Season 

-  Collect all equipment including jerseys, goalie gear, etc. and return it to the equipment manager.

-  After a fun season you will want to plan an “End of Season” party.  The kids love it and usually play more lacrosse.  You can do several things.  BBQ at a park, someone can volunteer their home, after the last game, etc...  Usually everyone brings something.  Ask around if you need more suggestions.


-  Your Team would not happen without the COACHES !  If you wish, you can coordinate something for your coaches.  You can take suggestions from parents or run with your own idea.  Have all parents contribute a certain amount in order to cover the gift(s).  Team Managers sometimes coordinate team purchases for their players such as shooting shirts or sweatshirts.  You may want to collect all funds (coaches gift, party funds, player purchase) at once, such as at a game,  in order to minimize monetary exchanges.  Another option is to collect all funds upfront at the jersey/form collection at the beginning of the season.


Best of luck for a fabulous and fun season!  Thanks again for all that you do for your team and for Simsbury Youth Lacrosse.




Team Manager Manual updated as of 4-7-2015.