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        Thank you for being part of the officiating team for Simsbury Youth Lacrosse. The following information will assist you in getting
        the most out of the experience with the least administrative complications.

How it works:

        Games get scheduled - By SYL directors and coaches. Games may be scheduled before and during the season. They are also subject to being changed (location, time, etc) and cancelled. 

        Officials get assigned to gamesThis happens primarily by officials picking what games they can work by assigning themselves to games or by having a scheduler assign  the            game to you;

                I.  By officials through self assignment.
                        For Self Assignment instructions click (Here). Self Assignment differs from standard assignment in that there is no accept/decline email/text generated.

                II.  By schedulers when games are entered into the schedule.
After being assigned to a game, a notice will be sent via text and email. The email message resembles the following;

                                   assignment receipt

                        Based on your personal schedule and your availability (more on this later), you will either accept or decline the assignment by clicking the appropriate link in the email. A response is required. SYL official coordinators are sent a notice via email indicating if you have declined. If a decline message isn't received, it is assumed that you have accepted the assignment.

        Notice of Game changesIf any occur they are sent by email and text message to officials who are assigned to games regardless of the method of assignment. Reminders on the day of the game are also sent via email & text.

        Game time Officials(Your name if you work the game) is recorded on SYL score sheets and are used to reconcile Officials Paysheets (more on this later). 

What you have to do:

Fill out and submit a W-9 tax form which must be submitted before your first game. To download a W-9 in PDF format, click (Here). For submission information, check the Tax Forms tab under the Officials tab on the Main page or click (Here).

        After being Assigned to a game - If you were assigned to a game by a scheduler, you will receive a confirmation email (described above). Use it to accept or decline the assignment (Self assigned games have already been accepted, so no email is generated from those). A response to the confirmation email is required. 
Save this email. In the event that something occurs that prevents you from being able to work the game, it is a quick link to the game that allows you to decline and have that information sent to the officials coordinators (Self assigned games can be declined at any time by following the instructions in the link above). Regardless of the method of assignment, an addtional contact (preferably by phone) must be made to the appropriate officials coordinator if you can not work a game that you have been assigned. Contact information for officials coordinators can be found on the Board Members Contacts on the Main page or by clicking (Here).

        On Game DayYou will receive confirmation reminders via email and text. At the field, insure that the Scorekeeper has recorded your name on the SYL score sheet.

        After officiating the game(s) - You must submit the appropriate paysheet record (Boys or Girls). The submission form is avaiable under the Officials tab on the Main page and is password protected (your introductory SYL email will contain the password). All paysheets are due on Monday for the previous week. The paysheet form resembles the following;

Officials paysheet

The data entry fields will contain the necessary information with drop down lists. Simply select the correct values based on your weeks work history and then enter an email address where a confirmation receipt will be sent.


        Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Boys or Girls officials coordinators for help or clarification. Again, SYL Thanks you for your part in making Lacrosse available to our members.