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The following graphics/links illustrate the basics of Winter conditioning. Fifteen minutes on each item per day will pay off big time in the Spring;



If you run slowly in practice you will run slowly in a game.

Most top level lacrosse players run at intervals. Pick one player and watch them. There are a great deal of 25-30 yds sprints followed by a rest. It is called the fastest game on two feet for a reason.

To adress this need, a combination of sprinting and slow running is best. An average sized game field is all that is necessary. Once you are warmed up by stretching and a jog around the outside of the field. Line up and sprint to a quarter of the length of the field and jog back. Next sprint to mid field and jog back. Then sprint three quarters and jog back. Finally sprint the length of the field and jog back. Repeat this several times and finish with a slow jog around the field.
Then take a ball and your stick and hit the wall.

Remember- What you do in practice you will do in a game. Be foolish in practice and you will be foolish in a game.