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Henry James Memorial School

  1. No pets allowed on the field
  2. There is always a lot of traffic at the beginning and end of practices and games.  Cars are often moving in random directions and kids are darting in and out.  DRIVE CAREFULLY IN THE  PARKING LOTS.
  3. Do not block the emergency entrances.  In the event of an emergency an ambulance will need immediate access to the field.  
  4. Coaches, parents and players are responsible for picking-up all trash after practices and games.
  5. We do not have access to any buildings on the campus. There are no changing rooms or bathrooms available.

Simsbury High School TURF field

Simsbury Youth Lacrosse is very fortunate to use the SHS TURF field for certain practices and games. Please remember to keep the TURF, as well as all fields, clean of trash. Remind all players, siblings, parents and friends to pick up water bottles, equipment and garbage before leaving.  To this end, every team that uses the turf field will appoint a "Field Master" whose function will be to insure that in addition to preventing the use of cleats on the track portion of the field, that the field is clear of all manor of trash REGARDLESS of the source (even trash that was pre existing on the field). Our goal is to always leave the field in a clean condition. Thank you!

Spectators are not allowed on the track or field. Please use bleachers or stand outside the fence line.

  • Use of field or track during school activities is prohibited.
  • No smoking on the school grounds, track or field.
  • No chewing of tobacco or gum on track and field.
  • No food or drink allowed on track or field.
  • No dogs or other animals allowed on school grounds or this facility.
  • No cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, strollers allowed inside this facility.
  • No skateboards or roller blades allowed on school grounds or inside this facility.


Thank you for your cooperation.