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Simsbury Youth Lacrosse

Code of Conduct and Playing Time Policy


Simsbury Youth Lacrosse (SYL) believes that boys and girls should be allowed to develop a love for the game of lacrosse while also learning the value of sportsmanship.  Lacrosse should be fun for players, coaches and parents.  

Simsbury Youth Lacrosse also believes that young athletes learn valuable lessons by watching the behaviors and attitudes of the adults who supervise their activities.

To enable the children who wish to play lacrosse under our aegis to have a positive experience, learn to play and love the game and to nurture within them a sense of respect for others, Simsbury Youth Lacrosse would like to offer the following guidelines for coaches, players and parents:



Players should be encouraged with positive reinforcement.   At the end of the season, we want the players asking for more and eagerly anticipating next year's season.

Referees are to be respected and supported.  Often times, one or both of the referees will be youths from the Simsbury community.


Parents and Spectators

Encourage your player (5th grade and up) to speak for themselves by communicating directly with their coach about issues such as position, playing time, rules clarification, etc. Help them understand that before or after practice is the ideal time to communicate with their coach and why during a game is likely not the best time as coaches are focused on the game.

Players should be delivered to the field on time and with all of their necessary equipment, especially a mouth guard.

Players will be positively supported and encouraged.

Coaches will be positively supported and encouraged.

Referees will be positively supported and encouraged.

Any concern regarding the league, coaches or referees should be referred to the Head Coach first, and if not satisfied, then a SYL Director.



It is expected that parents will take the time to discuss with your sons and daughters the following guidelines for players:

Players should understand that lacrosse is a team game, and they should strive to be "team players."

Players should arrive at the field on time and fully equipped.

Coaches and referees are volunteering their time for your good and should be respected.

Sportsmanlike conduct will be maintained at all times. Maintain respect for both your teammates and your opponents at all times.

Obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated.


Playing Time

The Simsbury Youth Lacrosse program believes that all youth lacrosse players need ample playing time during both practice and games to develop in a sport and to get the most enjoyment out of the game. Coaches will do their best to ensure that playing time is equitably distributed to all players during games.  However, many factors may impact the distribution of playing time including penalties and injuries.  In the Junior and Senior Divisions additional factors such as game situations (i.e. last 2 minutes of a game) or specialized groups like man-up or man-down teams may also impact the distribution of playing time.

Coaches will take into account the following factors when distributing playing time: 

Attendance + Effort + Attitude + Respect = Playing Time

Players who attend practice, try hard, display a positive attitude and show respect for coaches and teammates will receive ample playing time.  Players who do not attend every practice, do not show up on time, do not try their hardest and do not show respect for coaches, officials, opponents and teammates may not get as much playing time as other teammates.  Please discuss this policy with your child.